An Essential Guide when Travelling or Exploring Korea. Find out all the facts and information before you arrive.

There are many types of Visas for people who are coming to Korea. Find out which visa is best for you by visiting our Visa Page.

Before arriving it is best to do some preparation. English is not widely spoken in Korea and in some of the rural areas you will need to rely on Korean or hand gestures. Pick up some phrases before you arrive.

Currency in Korea:

  • The currency in Korea is the South Korean Won. The won currency deals with high numbers. A restaurant meal could be 50,000 Won. Don’t be confused by all these numbers, notes and coins. Get to know the Currency before you arrive.

Safety in Korea:

  • The crime rate is low in the Republic of Korea however while travelling in any foreign country it is best to take some precautions. Pickpocketing has been known to happen in some of the busy or tourist areas in Seoul. Always watch your belongings and keep you passport and money with you at all times. Staying out late at night in Korea is fun but take precautions. Don’t drink too much alcohol, stay in well lit and busy areas.

Weather in Korea:

  • Korea has four seasons and experiences harsh winters and hot, humid and rainy summers. The best time to visit Korea is in Spring or Autumn. Find out more information about the Weather.

Getting Around:

  • About 75% of tourists in Korea visit Seoul and arrive at Incheon International Airport. Here is an extensive guide on how to get from Incheon Airport to Seoul City. After you have arrived and settled into your accommodation in Seoul you will probably want to head out and see what Seoul has to offer. Here is a Map for the subway and a guide for the Train and Bus in Seoul.



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