King Sejong Museum

Sejong Memorial Museum

The King Sejong Memorial Museum was opened on the 9th of October 1973. The museum is dedicated to King Sejong’s life and achievements. The building is made up of two floors. The first floor is the museum which is split up into different sections. The second floor has a wedding hall, conference rooms and offices. In front of the museum there is an open green area where people can relax and have a picnic. Around the green area you will find many different types of statues, inventions made by King Sejong and located next to the the museum you can see Joseon Tombs. One invention outside the museum is the water gauge. It is Treasure No. 838. It was originally located in the Cheonggyecheon stream and moved to it’s current location in October 1973. Also there is a huge monument that was erected to commend King Sejong’s accomplishments.

The museum is quite small and no English is available however it is still nice to walk around and look at the paintings, old maps and inventions. The museum  first starts off with an area about King Sejong and his life. You can find many paintings of him while he was in power or the ceremonies that he attended. Other things in the room are musical instruments or journals.

The next part of the museum is about Hangul. Hangul is the Korean writing system that King Sejong invented. Here you find out how and why they made Hangul. Other things in the room is literature from King Sejongs reign or books that influenced him.

The next part of the tour is the Science room. Here you can find some of the inventions that King Sejong made. Also located in this room is an old world map, medical documents, astronomical devices among other things.

Finally, there is a section dedicated to press publication. It shows how Hangul newspapers were published and the development of type writers and laptops using Hangul.

Opening Hours / Admission:

March – October: 9:00am ~ 18:00
November – February: 9:00am ~ 17:30
Closed every Monday, New Years Day and Liberation Day (8/15)


Adults: 2,000 won
Children: 1,000 won

How to get to the King Sejong Museum:

Take line 6 to Korea University Station. Leave exit 3, take the first right and  head straight over the bridge for about 5 minutes. Follow the map below.
Alternatively, take line 1 to Hoegi Station and leave exit 1 and follow the map below. From Hoegi station it should take about 15 minutes on foot.

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