Seoul Bus Guide

Green Bus Seoul

Seoul bus guide. Seoul has a very extensive bus system. Buses are very useful for those hard to reach areas or places far away from train stations.

There are four main buses in Seoul:

Blue Bus: The blue bus connects the suburbs and the city centre. This bus usually takes a direct route with minimal detours.
Yellow Bus: This bus provides transportation around the city centre covering business areas, shopping areas and sightseeing areas. This is the bus that most tourists will use. Usually the bus will stay in the same zone.
Green Bus: These buses have more stops and usually go from one side of the city to the other. The green bus connects to a lot of Blue bus stops to make transferring easier.
Red Bus: The red bus connects downtown Seoul with the border areas of Seoul and Gyeongi-do.

Which bus do I get?

It is recommended while travelling in Seoul to stick to the subway. It is convenient and has English information. Buses  can be more complicated to use and sometimes no English is provided.
To use the bus you must have geographical knowledge of Seoul. Each bus has a 3 part number on the side. The first number is the zone in which the bus journey began and the second number is the zone in which the bus journey will end. The third number is the bus number.

The Zones are listed on this map. This is a general guide of where the bus will start and finish. To find out all the bus routes and stops visit Korea Public Transportation Guide. On this site you can search for buses by location or bus number.

Zone system: If the bus number is 503 this means the bus starts in Zone number 5 and finishes in Zone 0.  3 is the bus number.

Some buses have some of the major stops listed on the front and side.

How much will it cost?

Buses in Seoul cost 1,000 won cash. When you enter the bus you put the money into the machine.
Many people use the T-money system. The fare is 900 won.  After using the subway and leaving the station you can ride the bus for free or 100 won for longer routes only with the T-money system. You must get on the bus within 30 minutes after leaving the station ticket gate.

How do I use the bus in Seoul?

First of all, find out which bus you will be taking. Wait at the bus stop until the bus arrives. Buses will stop at the bus stop if people are waiting there. You must enter the bus at the front. After entering put 1,000 won cash into the machine or use your T-money card and swipe it over the T-money machine.
When you hear the name of your stop press the stop button on the side of the bus and the driver will stop at your bus stop. When leaving you, must use the exit in the middle of the bus. If you paid cash you can just leave the bus. If you used your T-money card you must swipe it again before your leave. The t-money machine will be beside the exit.

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