Hof Korea

Hof Sign Korea

Hof Korea. Many people when they first arrive in Korea notice the hof sign on many shop fronts.

What is Hof?

It is a Korean style bar or a place that serves drinks with food. You will see the sign everywhere in Korea. It is usually written in English “HOF” or Korean “호프”.

Where did the Hof name come from?

The term is more than likely a borrowed word from the German Language. Hofbrauhaus was a famous brewery in the 16th century in Bavaria, Germany. Hof means court and comes from the fact that Hofbrauhaus was originally founded as the brewery to the royal residence. They later opened many beer halls which became famous around the world.

History of beer in Korea.

The first German set foot in Korea in 1832. A German man was credited with importing the potato to Korea. The Germans introduced beer to many Asian countries and helped countries such as China and Japan set up breweries and develop brewing techniques. When the Japanese colonized Korea they introduced beer and opened breweries to produce beer for the local elites.

What to expect in a Hof bar in Korea:

Hof Bars in Korea are usually an open plan bar with tables and seats, similar to a German beer house. For people having parties or in a large group, Hof bars are the best places to visit. The food that is served varies from Hof to Hof but the most common food served is chicken or some kind of meat dish. While the Hof Bars serve many different kinds of food, the main focus is on drinking. The food is good but can be compared to snack food or party food.

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