Tomb of Princess Uihye and Han Gyeong-rok

Twin Tombs of Princess Uihye and Han Gyeong-rok

The Twin Tombs of Princess Uihye and Han Gyeong-rok (Local Historic Site of Uijeongbu No. 14).

Princess Uihye (1521-1564) was the daughter of King Jungjong, the 11th king of the Joseon Dynasty and Queen Munjeong . She was married in 1531 at the age of 11 to Han Gyeong-rok (1520-1593), the second son of Han Seug-gwon who served as the magistrate of Chuncheon Provincial Administrative Agency. Han Gyeong-rok who was the vice chief of Five Military Commands Headquarters during the Japanese invasions in 1593 and is said to have died in battle.

Princess Uihye is noted for her independent lifestyle against the social atmosphere of the male-dominant Joseon Dynasty. In her life she practiced the idea of self-innovation and self-development beyond her social status of the royal family. The stele (statue) standing in front of the tombs has relatively well maintained its original shape. People say it was imported from China by King Myeongjong, a brother of the princess.

The tomb of Princess Uihye and Han Gyeong-rok is definitely not in the guide books. Finding any information about this tomb in English has been difficult. The tomb is hidden away close to one of the entrances at Bukhansan National Park. The tomb is on a hill and surrounded by trees and mountains.

How to get to the Tomb of Princess Uihye and Han Gyeong-rok:

The tomb is located in Gyeongi-do just a few hundred metres over the border from Seoul.
The tomb is hidden away in the forest so it’s easy to get lost.
The Tomb of Princess Uihye and Han Gyeong-rok is a 15 minute walk from Dobongsan station on Line 1. Leave exit 1, turn left and head straight. After about 8 minutes you will see the American Army Base. Turn left here and walk straight until you find a river. When you get to the river turn left and follow the river until you arrive at the entrance of Bukhansan National Park. Follow the trail for 2 minutes and you will see the tomb on the right through the trees and then some small steps leading up to the tomb.

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