Calling Korea

Calling Korea

Before you call Korea you should check out and see what time it is in Korea. You don’t want to be waking up friends in the middle of the night. The country phone code for Korea is +82.

Cell Phones in Korea are 11 digit numbers e.g 010-1234-5678. From 2005 all cell phone numbers in Korea begin with 010.

To dial out of your country you must use an international call prefix. This is the number which you use to call a line outside you’re country. Most countries use 00 however the United States and Canada use 011.

How to call a cell phone in Korea :

For this example I am going to use the international call prefix number 00. If the number you want to dial isĀ  010-1234-5678 you must first dial 00(international call prefix) then 82, this is the international country code of Korea. When dialing mobile phones you must omit the first 0. So you would dial 0082-10-1234-5678.

It is the same procedure when calling landlines in Korea. Don’t forget to omit the first 0 of the number.