Namyangju Film Studio

Namyangju film studio

Namyangju film studio is located in Gyeonggi-do, Korea. Many films and tv shows are made at this studio. They have a huge indoor museum explaining about movies and film productions since the 19th century. The museum is split into many different sections each with a different theme. For example, one theme is about sound effects. They show us how  they add the sound effects to movies and what items you need. For the sound effects of car doors they open and close a rice cooker. Another theme is special effects.

Inside this studio is a prop room. This room is enormous and full of items used in movies. They have everything from sofas, tvs old and new, car licence plates for the past 100 years, old phone boxes and post boxes to packs of cigarettes. It was really interesting to be able to wander around this room by yourself.

Finally, outside the studio they have an area for movie sets.  Some famous movies have been filmed here like JSA (joint security area) ,Chihwaseon and Brotherhood. The sets were not taken down after the movies were completed so that movie lovers could enjoy and visit these famous scenes from their  favourite movies.

The JSA set is a full replica of the Joint security area at the border between the North and South Korea. At this area meetings are held between the two countries. JSA stars Kang-ho Song and Yeong-ae Lee.

Individual – adult: 3000 won, middle and high school students: 2500won, children: 2000won
Additional fee for the Image Experience Room (adult: 2000 won, children: 1000 won)

Opening time:
Hours open: March ~ October: 10 am ~ 6 pm
November ~ February: 10 am ~ 5 pm (admission until 4 pm)
Closed: Every Monday and New Year’s Day (open when Monday is holiday)

How to get Namyangju Film Studio:

Namyangju Studio is located about 1 hour west of Seoul in Gyeonggi-do.
From Seoul take the Jungang line (light blue colour) and get off at Ungilsan Station. From Ungilsan station there is a free shuttle bus bound for KOFIC (Korea Film Council) Namyangju Studios. This bus comes only once every two hours so it is recommended to take a taxi there. The cost should be under 7,000won.

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