Busan International Fireworks Festival

Busan International Fireworks Festival

Busan International Fireworks Festival

The Busan International Fireworks Festival is held every year in Busan in October along Gwangalli Beach. The fireworks are displayed from boats and the Gwangan Bridge. The event was first held in 2005 to celebrate Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). The fireworks event was very popular and has been held every year since then with the display and events growing in size every year. The Busan Fireworks Festival now attracts over 2 million people from Korea and around the world. There are two firework shows. One is the International Fireworks Festival which showcases fireworks from different countries around the world. In 2011 the countries participating in the International Fireworks display are the USA, Poland, Japan and China. The second fireworks display is an hour long and uses  music and advanced techniques to create a wonderful firework show.

At the 2011 event there will be a whole wide  range of events. There will be musical performances from popular musicians such as Big Bang. Also from October 21st – 29th a whole range of cultural events for foreigners will be held. For more information about the events, visit Busan Events.

Busan International Fireworks Festival 2011 Time and Date:

Cultural Events are from October 21st – 29th. The International Fireworks are held on October 22nd (Saturday) from 20:00 pm to 21:30 pm. The High tech fireworks display is on October 29th (Saturday) from 20:00 pm – 21:00 pm. 2 hours before each firework shows there will be events and performances.

How to get to the Busan International Fireworks Festival:

The main events and main viewing area is at Gwangalli Beach but the fireworks can be seen from all around Busan.
Take Busan line 2 to Geumnyeonsan Station and leave exit 1 or 3 and head toward the beach. Follow the map below.

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Video guide for the Busan Fireworks Festival 2011:

Busan Fireworks 2011 (Oct 21-29, 2011)