Public Telephones Korea

Public Telephone Korea

In Korea, like most countries nowadays, public pay phones are hard to come by. Over 98% of people own a cell phone in Korea and this has led to a dramatic decrease in public pay phones. However, you can still find them in train stations, near train stations and popular districts.

In the train station you can find the traditional style telephone box or the more modern digital station phone. The digital station lets you browse the Internet and make phone calls. The calls are paid for using your T-money card.

There are two types of public phones on the streets in Korea. Phones that use coins only or phones that use coins, cards and T-money. Phone cards can be bought at most convenience stores and train stations. They also make great souvenirs as each card has a unique design or picture. The cards can be bought at 3,000, 5,000, or 10,000 won.

How to use Pay Phones in Korea:

1. Pick up the phone and insert coins, your card or T-money.
2. Wait until you hear a dial tone and then dial the number.
3. Hang up the phone when finished. Wait for change if any.