Hangang River Seoul, Korea

Hangang River Seoul

Hangang River Seoul

The Han River also know as the Hangang River is a river that runs through Seoul and other areas in Korea from east to west. The river has played an important role in the history of Korea. The Hangang River has been called by numerous names throughout it’s long history. The river was used as an important trade route and also used for protection against attack. Along the banks of the river you can find the 12 Hangang Parks and many historic sites that include fortresses, tombs, settlement excavation sites, battle grounds and lots more. The river is over 500 kilometres long and has an average depth of 2.5 metres and a width of 175m but is over 1 km wide in Seoul city limits. There are more than 20 bridges that cross the Han river. Before bridges were built on the Han river, people had to travel from one side to the other in boats. The first pedestrian foot bridge was completed in 1916. The Han River originates mainly from the Namhan River and the Bukhan river. Where the two rivers meet, is the start of the Han River. The Namhan River originates at Taebaek city in Gangwon-do while the Bukhan River originates at Mount Geumgang in North Korea.

The Hangang River can be a very exciting place to visit. A lot of the attractions, buildings and shopping centres are located along or close to the Hangang River. Along the river banks there are 12 parks called the Hangang Parks. These parks are very modern and offer plenty of fun things to do and facilities. The parks are open 24 hours a day. At Banpo bridge which crosses the Hangang, you can see the world’s largest bridge water fountain show. On Yeouido Island on the Hangang River there is plenty to do. The National Assembly Building , Supia Theme Park and the 63 Building are located here.

There are various cruises available that last about an hour. The cruise brings you up and down the river while giving information about each area. On these tours you can see the beautiful Hangang Parks, Namsan Tower, Jamsil Sports Complex and many more things.  There are also 11 points along the river where you can take a water taxi.

The Han River was one of the main scenes for a movie called The Host. The Host stars Song Kang-ho and is about a monster that emerges from the Han River in Seoul and attacks people. The Host was the highest grossing South Korean film of all time.