World Cup Stadium Seoul, Korea

Seoul World Cup Stadium

World Cup Stadium Seoul

In 1996 Japan and Korea were chosen by FIFA to host the 2002 World Cup.
At that time Korea, lacking a soccer pitch big enough to hold the World Cup decided to build a new purpose-built stadium.
This was a big undertaking and took 3 years to complete and cost over 200 million dollars. After the World cup was over the World Cup Mall was developed inside the stadium.  This included a Cinema, Shopping Centre, Sports Centre, a Wedding Hall and many more commercial facilities.

When there are no football events on in the stadium it is possible to take a walk around the stadium and visit the FIFA 2002 World Cup Museum. Inside the Museum you can learn everything about the World Cup games held in Japan and Korea. They have photos from the games, pictures/information about all the teams that participated and memorabilia of all the previous World Cup Events.

Admission / Opening Time
* Museum fee: 1,000 won
* Business Hours: 9AM – 6PM

How to get to the World Cup Stadium Seoul:
Take line 6 to World Cup Stadium Station and leave exit 2. Go up the stairs and the stadium will be right in front of you. Go right following the Stadium to get to the FIFA World Cup Museum.

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