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Expo 2012 Yeosu, Korea

The World Expo for 2012 will be held in Yeosu, Korea. Yeosu is a small port city in Jeollanam-do in the south of Korea. The Expo 2012 Yeosu will be held from May 12th to August 12th 2012. South Korea had hoped to have the Expo in Yeosu in 2010 but came in second place after Shanghai. The theme of the Expo 2012 Yeosu is “The Living Ocean and Coast.” Every few years there are world fairs with different themes and countries from around the world that participate. The last fair to be held in Korea was in 1993 in Daejeon. At the Expo 2012 in Yeosu over 100 hundred countries are expected to join in.

With the theme of “The Living Ocean and Coast” you can expect many marina related events and exhibitions. The actual site of the Expo 2012 is the harbour in Yeosu. The whole area has been under construction for the past few years for the Expo 2012. New buildings such as Expo Halls and Theatres have been erected to hold all the different exhibitions with the best facilities available. Walkways for people to enjoy ocean views have been built along with parks, green areas, water fountains and numerous other things. A lot of government funding has been pumped into the whole area in anticipation of the Expo 2012 Yeosu and the Expo Complex looks amazing and futuristic.

Expo Yeosu Korea 2012What exhibitions and pavilions will be at the Expo 2012 Yeosu?

There will be plenty to see and you will never be bored while attending the Expo. The main exhibits, held at different pavilions at the expo are:

The Main Pavilion: This is biggest and main event at the Expo. The theme is “Coexistence of the Ocean and Humanity”. The building is state of the art and built offshore. Inside the pavilion there are numerous smaller themes but the overall exhibition shows us the diversity of life in the ocean, its beauty, its dangers and how we can protect the ocean and its life. All of this information and ideas are presented to us in very unique ways using the latest in technology.

The Korea Pavilion: This exhibition shows Korea’s martime technology and showing where it will all lead to in the future. The main attraction of this exhibition is the 360-degree theatre which shows information about Korea’s martime industry.

International Pavilion: It is here that all of the participating countries at the Expo 2012 Yeosu have there own pavilion space. This building is the largest building at the Expo complex. Each country will share their information based on the theme of “The Living Ocean and Coast” while promoting their own ideas.

Sub Pavilions: There will be a lot more of smaller exhibitions in the area with all different sorts of themes. One that people are looking forward to is the climate experience hall, the multiplex and the exhibition showing how humans over the years sought to explore the ocean and its mysteries.

Ticket prices for the Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea and where to buy them

Tickets can be bought online at http://ticket.interpark.com/Global/Play/Expo/Expo.asp the official ticket Sellers. You then pick the tickets up when you arrive at the Expo. Tickets start from 33,000 won for a day for adults and 18,000 won for an evening pass for adults. You can also buy multiple day passes. If you buy a ticket before April 30th, 2012 you can get a 5% discount. There are a few days called “peak days” when you need to have a more expensive ticket (40,000 won). The peak days are May 12th -13th, May 28th and August 10th – 12th. You can not use the standard pass on those days.

Expo 2012 Yeosu date and times:

The Expo runs from May 12th to August 12th 2012 (93 days in total).

Location of the Yeosu Expo 2012:

The Expo is held in the city of Yeosu. Yeosu is in Jeollanam-do which is on the southern coast of Korea. It is a port side city with hundreds of small islands located nearby.

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Transportation to Yeosu Expo 2012:

The easiest way to get to the Expo in Yeosu is by the KTX (Korea railroad). They have direct routes from different areas in Korea direct to the Expo. The travel time will be 3 hours by KTX. There are also great bus routes from all the major cities in Korea that will take you directly to the Expo. Korea Air fly to Yeosu a few times a day departing from Gimpo Airport and the journey time is only 1 hour.

Yeony and Suny Expo Yeosu Mascot

Expo 2012 Mascots

Mascots of the Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea:

The official mascots for the Expo 2012 are Yeony (blue) and Suny (red). Yeony and Suny are personifications of a water droplet and plankton. Look out for them at the Expo and don’t forget to take your photo with them.


Korea 2012 Expo Yeosu Video and information:

EXPO 2012 YEOSU KOREA Official Movie(Full Version)

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