Kukkiwon World Taekwondo Headquarters


Taekwondo Performance

Kukkiwon Headquarters also known as World Taekwondo Headquarters is home of Taekwondo. The Kukkiwon Headquarters in Gangnam-Gu were established in 1972 to promote Taekwondo worldwide, organise national and international taekwondo competitions and train Taekwondo coaches and referees. There are now over 80 million people who enjoy Taekwondo in over 182 countries. On the grounds of Kikkiwon’s Headquarters there is also a Taekwondo Museum. Taekwondo became a demonstration event in the Olympics Games starting with the 1988 Olympics in Seoul and became an official medal event at the Olympics Games in Sydney, Australia.

The Museum which was opened in November, 1991 holds over 2,500 artifacts  such as championship trophies, certificates, medals, banners, badges and pennants of major Korean and overseas competitions such as the Olympic games.

At Kukkiwon Headquarters you will be able to visit the Taekwondo Memorial Hall, the Taekwondo Dojang (Hall) and outside the grounds a few memorials and a pavilion.

Opening Hours / Admission

Open Monday – Friday 09:00 am – 18:00 pm. Closed on Weekends and National Holidays.



How to get to Kukkiwon Headquarters :

Take line 2 to Gangman Station and leave exit 8. Head straight and take the second left. Head straight again for 8 minutes and Kukkiwon is on your left.

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