Cinemas in Busan

CGV Cinema Busan

Cinemas in Busan

Cinemas can be found all around Busan. Busan is know as a city of film lovers as they hold the Annual BIFF (Busan International Film Festival) and have an area in Busan called Biff Square which is dedicated to Film.  The biggest Cinema chains in Korea are Megabox, CGV and Lotte Cinema. All foreign films shown in Korea will usually be kept in the original language with Korean subtitles. It is very rare that you will find movies that are dubbed in Korean. Sometimes some anime or cartoon movies for children are dubbed in Korean.

The average price seems to be about 10,000 won but obviously this depends on the location of the cinema, time and movie. Most cinemas have special offers where if you watch a movie before 1 pm the costs of the ticket is 5,000 won.

Below you will find a list of cinemas in Busan with a map and directions. This list doesn’t cover all the cinemas in Busan but we hope it will someday. If you want to add information about cinemas or request information, contact us.

CGV Cinema Nampo, Busan

Megabox Cinema Haeundae