Hangang Banpo Park

Floating Island at Banpo Hangang Park

Floating Island at Banpo Hangang Park

Banpo Hangang Park is located south of the Hangang river beside Banpo Bridge. Banpo park is famous for the water light fountain show which is held at night. Banpo park has a wonderful artificial island called Seoraeseom. Seoraeseom is connected to the park by 3 bridges. The island is full of rape seed flowers and festivals in the summer and can be a great place for a walk or to take photographs. Recently 3 small islands with a building on each was opened. The islands are called the Floating Islands. They will be used for conferences, art exhibitions, cultural events and for water sport activities. It is here that Screens are set up along the Banpo banks to watch the big sporting events such as world cup matches, also concerts are held here.

There are plenty of sporting facilities, exercise areas and activities to keep you busy for the whole day. On the weekends the grass areas near the river banks are full with families having picnics and children playing in the playground. Couples enjoy renting and cycling tandem bicycles along the bike trail.

The Banpo Water Fountain is very popular with couples and families. The water light display spans the length of Banpo bridge and is the world’s longest fountain show. For more details visit or Banpo Bridge Page.

Opening Hours

The park is open 24 hours a day.

How to get to Banpo Hangang Park:

There are many stations nearby. See the map below. The closet station is Express Terminal Station on line 3 or 6. Leave exit B1 and follow the map below

Alternatively, take line 4 or 9 to Dongjak station and leave exit 1. Follow the map below.

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