Hangang Jamsil Park

Jamsil Hangang Park

Jamsil Hangang Park

Jamsil Hangang Park is located south of the Hangang River beside Jamsil Sports Complex (Olympic Stadium). Jamsil Park is 4.8 kilometers in length. Many people visit this park before or after an event or baseball game in the nearby stadiums. Along the river bank you will notice a small stream. This stream was built to help spawning fish when they are returning up stream. The main bridge has a small dam to control the flow of water and stops fish returning up stream to spawn.

At Jamsil Hangang Park you can find the Nature Learning Centre. The centre is used to provide educational learning experiences to children about flowers and the surrounding environment. You will never be bored at Jamsil Hangang Park with the amount of sports facilities available. There is a swimming pool, football field, running track, bike trail and many different types of courts.

Throughout the park you can find convenience stores, restaurants and a few romantic cafes with great views at night.

Opening Hours

The park is open 24 hours a day.

How to get to Jamsil Hangang Park:

Take line 2 to Jamsillaru Station and head for exit 3 or 4. The station is connected directly to the park. You can also get to the park from Shincheon station on line 2 and Jamsil Station on line 2 and 8. Follow the map below.

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