Hongyureung Royal Tomb Gyeonggi-do Korea

Hongyureung Royal tomb Gyeonggi-do Korea

Hongyureung Royal tomb Gyeonggi-do Korea

Hongyureung Royal Tomb site has two burial mounds called Hongneung and Yureung. This tomb site is important and unique. Enshrined here are the last rulers of the Joseon Dynasty and the creators of the new empire called the Daehan Empire. Being a new Era in Korea the tombs are slightly different and were modelled after Ming Dynasty’s ruler, King Taizu.

Hongneung Royal Tomb: Hongneung tomb holds the bodies of King (Emperor) Gojong, the 26th ruler of the Joseon Dynasty and his wife, Queen Myeongseong. During his reign in power there were many uprises and lots of pressure from foreign nations for Korea to open up it’s borders. Japan forced treaties on King Gojong and used Korea as a base for the Japan-Russia War. King Gojongs wife, Queen Myeongseong exercised considerable power and deeply participated in political affairs. She was keen to help and support Russia. The Japanese were angry and 56 assassins stormed Gyeongbokgung Palace and murdered Queen  Myeongseong on October 8th, 1895. King Gojong lived until 1919 and passed away at Deoksugung Palace.

Yureung Royal Tomb: Yureung tomb holds the bodies of Emperor Sunjong, the 27th ruler of the Joseon Dynasty and his first wife Empress Sunmyeonghyo and his second wife, Empress Sunjeonghyo. Emperor Sunjong was the last ruler of the Joseon Dynasty and second son of King Gojong and Queen Myeongseong. His reign began in 1907 but it was short lived and many people died trying to protect the national sovereignty. In 1910 the Japanese annexed Korea which led to the end of the Joseon Dynasty (519 years) and began Japan’s 35-year imperialist expansion against Korea.

Opening Hours / Admission

March to October: 06:00 am – 18:30 pm
November to February: 06:30 am – 17:30 pm
Closed on Mondays. Last admission is 1 hour before closing.


1,000 won for adults and 500 won for children.

How to get to Hongyureung Royal Tomb Gyeonggi-do:

Take line 1 to Cheongyangni Staion. Leave exit 4 and take buses 165-3, 2227, 30, 65, 165, 9201, 9205, 330-1, 765, or 3300 (40 minute ride) and get off at Hongneung/Yureung Entrance (홍릉.유릉 입구).

Alternatively, take the Gyeongchun Line to Geumgok Station and leave exit 1. You can walk to Hongyureung tomb in 5 minutes. Follow the map below.

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