Royal Tomb Stamps

sejong tombs stamp

Stamp of King Sejong's Tomb

On June, 30th 2011 Korea Post released a new series of stamps. Every 2 weeks new stamps are released with a different theme. On June 30th two new stamp designs were released of King Sejong’s Royal Tomb and King Taejo’s (the founder of the Joseon Dynasty) Royal Tomb .

The tombs are part of 40 royal tombs which hold the bodies of dead Kings and Queens from the Joseon Dynasty. The 40 royal tombs were inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in June, 2009. To find out more information about the Royal Tombs visit our Royal Tomb Page.

The cost of both stamps is 250 won. The size of the King Sejong stamp is 52mm x 36mm. The size of the King Taejo stamp is 52mm x 24mm

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