Gimpo International Airport Seoul Korea

Gimpo International Airport Seoul Korea

Gimpo International Airport Seoul Korea

Gimpo International Airport is located in the west of Seoul, south of the Hangang RiverGimpo International Airport is the second largest Airport in Korea. It was originally the largest and main international airport of Korea until 2001. In 2001 it was replaced by the newly built Incheon International Airport. Since then Gimpo Airport primarily caters for domestic flights while serving a few international destinations such as Japan and China.

Gimpo International Airport was first built in 1939 by the Japanese Occupation Army to help them fight in the war. After Japan’s defeat and surrender, the airport was was run by the American army until it was then take over by the Korean government in 1954. In 2006 the airport was reconstructed and improved. A new complex called “Sky City” was added and also a cinema called “CGV Gimpo Airport“. Sky City offers a whole range of  leisure / cultural activities  which makes the stop over or time waiting for a flight go so quickly.


It is very easy to get to Gimpo Airport in Seoul.

There are now 3 lines that serve Gimpo International Airport. Line 5 and 9 stop at Gimpo International Airport station and are connected directly to the airport.

In 2010 the Arex Train line opened which can take you from Seoul station, Hongik (Hongdae) station and other stations directly to Gimpo Airport in 20 minutes. For more information about the AREX TRAIN visit our AREX TRAIN page.

Being close to Seoul, other options are available like Taxis and Buses.

Map of Gimpo International Airport:

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