Seoul Arts Centre

Seoul Arts Centre

Seoul Arts Centre

The Seoul Arts Centre is a cultural complex located in southern Seoul. Construction began in 1983 and the buildings were completed and added in different stages. Seoul Arts Cultural Complex consists of five main buildings which display and hold events of diverse art forms. Every year at the Seoul Arts Center over 1,500 art performances are held.

The halls and buildings are broken up as follows.

1. Opera House: The building was designed using the traditional Korean hat as a model and as such the building looks like a hat from an aerial view. Here many operas are held along with ballets, musicals and dances. There are 2,340 seats in the opera house.

2. Seoul Calligraphy Art Museum: This is the world’s only dedicated Calligraphy Museum. The museum is split up into 10 sections over 2 floors showing the beauty of Chinese and Korean calligraphy.

3. Music Hall: The music hall is where classical concerts are held. The music hall has over 2,000 seats. Also located in this building is the small recital hall which holds about 350 people which is ideal for intimate performances.

4. Hangaram Design Museum: This museum is a multipurpose museum displaying different art pieces and exhibitions. The museum is broken up into two sections.

5. Hangaram Art Museum: This art gallery holds work of modern art and contemporary art  which is enjoyed by the younger generation. The galleries are split up into 6 galleries over a number of floors.

Opening Hours / Admission:

The hours and admission fees are constantly changing due to exhibitions and events. Visit the Seoul Arts Centre website for opening hours, exhibitions and performances.

How to get to the Seoul Arts Centre:

Take line 3 to Nambu Bus Terminal station and leave exit 5. Take bus 4429 and get off at Seoul Arts Centre.
Alternatively, take line 2 to Seocho station and leave exit 3. Get bus 3 and get off at Seoul Arts Centre.

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