Hwarangdae Railroad Station

Hwarangdae Station

Hwarangdae Station

Hwarangdae Railroad Station was closed in December 2010. Hwarangdae Station was a temporary railroad station built during the Japanese Colonial Rule in 1939. The original appearance has been well preserved however since it’s closure on December 21st, 2010 the building has been left abandoned. The paint is peeling, walls are starting to crack and the inside is gathering dust. It’s hard to think that this building was fully operational and a train station less than 6 months ago. The station was originally called Taereung Station but was renamed Hwarangdae Station after the Korean Military Academy was relocated near by. The station is on the Gyeongchun Line.

If you visit the Korean Military Academy I recommend you visit this station near by. You can feel the history from this station and imagine the people waiting at the platform for their train to arrive.

Here is a video of the station before it closed on December 21st, 2010. See below for photos.

(Korail) 구 경춘선 화랑대역 / Hwarangdae Station,花郎台駅

How to get to Hwarangdae Station:
Take line 6 to Hwarangdae Subway station, leave exit 1 and head straight for 7 minutes.

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