Megabox Cinema Sangbong

megabox cinema sangbong

Megabox Cinema at Sangbong

Megabox Cinemas began operating on May 13th, 2000 by opening it’s first store at the COEX Mall, Seoul. For Megabox to make it’s own name in the already overcrowded cinema market they had to come up with a unique idea and market it. Megabox decided to open cinemas aimed at teenagers and young adults. The layout of the foyers are unique in design. They have neon lighting, bright colours to attract the younger audience and have an overall futuristic look.

Megabox cinemas also introduced loyalty cards where customers can accumulate points and avail of special offers and discounts. There are currently 16 Megabox cinemas in Korea with plans for more to open. As with all cinemas throughout Korea, the Megabox Cinemas provide the usual assortment of food and drinks including soft drinks, popcorn with a variety of flavours, hot dogs etc.

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How to get to Megabox Cinema Sangbong:

Take the Jungang line to Jungang station and leave exit 4. Head straight until you get to a main road then turn right, walk straight  and Megabox will be on the opposite side of the road.

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