Myeongdong Catholic Church

Myeongdong Church

Entrance at Myeongdong Church

Myeongdong Catholic Cathedral is located in the neighbourhood of Myeongdong in Jung-gu, Seoul. It was designated as National Historic Site #258 on November 22nd, 1977. Myeongdong Cathedral is the main Catholic Church in Korea and the church of the Archdiocese of Seoul. In 1784 the first faith community gathered on this spot, which was then known as Myeong-Nae-Bang. In 1892 Fr. Coste began working on plans for the construction of a church. Construction began on August 5th, 1892 and was completed on May 29th, 1898.

Myeongdong Cathedral was the first church building in Korea using a variety of coloured bricks. It’s structure was built in the Gothic style. The height of the main hall roof is 23 metres and the clock tower rises to 45 metres. At the time of it’s completion in 1898 it was the largest building in Seoul and dominated the city skyline.

There are weekly mass services held in English with English printouts available for the order of Mass. For more information about the church and services, visit

How to get to Myeongdong Church in Seoul:

Leave exit 8 or 10 and follow the map below.

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