Dream Forest Seoul

Dream Forest Seoul

Dream Forest Seoul

Dream Forest is a massive green park located in Northern Seoul. It takes its name from Dreamland, a theme park with a small petting zoo, which was formally located here before being closed down in 2007. Dream Forest is the 4th largest park in Seoul before Seoul Forest, Olympic Park and World Cup Park. Surrounded by densely forested mountains of Byeogosan and Opaesan, Dream Forest provides diverse attractions to visitors, together with an abundant amount of natural vegetation. This park has tons of things to do and a great day out for the family.

After entering the park through the main east gate you will see the visitors centre. This centre is equipped with a nursery room, toilets and a souvenir shop. Also, you can visit the Design Seoul Gallery which is located on the first floor of the visitors centre. Following the winding paths and stream into the park you will come across Changnyeong wigung Ancestral Shrine which is Registered Cultural Heritage NO. 40. Following the path you will find the Moon Reflecting Pond and Lawn Plaza where concerts and events are held.

Towards the west gate of the park you can find the observation centre. The observatory was built in order to emphasize the purpose Dream Forest was built for. It is a 49.7m-high, 3-story building located west of Dream Forest Arts Centre. At the top of the observatory, downtown Seoul can be seen in a single sight. At north, the sight of Bukhansan (Mt.), Dobongsan (Mt.) and Suraksan (Mt.) provides an amazing panoramic view. To the south, a breathtaking view of Namsan (Mt.) and Hangang (River) can be seen.

Height: Altitude 139m (Observatory Height 49.7m)
Open Hours: 10:00 ~ 22:00 (Closed on Monday)
The observatory has been made famous by the KBS Drama for the filming location of IRIS.

How to get to Dream Forest Seoul:
There are 5 stations near to Dream Forest but you will need to transfer onto a bus for a few more minutes.
Take Line No.1 to Wolgye Station and 50m from Exit 2 get on Blue bus 147 Blue Bus for about 8min.
Take Line No.1 to Seokgye Station and 20m to the right from Exit 7 (across the street) and take Seongbuk 14 bus, Village Bus for about 10min.
Take Line No.4 to Mia Samgeori Station and 10m from Exit 1 get on Gangbuk 09 or Gangbuk 11, Village Bus for about 10 min.
Take Line No.6 to Dolgoji Station and 10m from Exit 3 get on Bus 147, Blue Bus for about 6min.
Take Line No.7 to Hagye Station and 100m from Exit 5 get bus 149, Blue Bus for about 10min.
All buses will take you to Dream Forest. Get off at the Dream Forest stop at the east gate.

View larger map Admission is free to the park and observatory.
Here is a link for Dream Forest Park (Only Korean)

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