National Treasure No. 2

National Treasure No. 2

National Treasure No. 2

The National Treasures of South Korea are a numbered set of treasures, artifacts, sites, and buildings which are recognized by South Korea as having exceptional artistic, cultural heritage and historical value. Currently there are 315 National treasures. The Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea monitor, decide and protect the National Treasures. The treasures are numbered according to the order in which they were designated not according to their individual value.

Wongak Temple 10 level stone tower is National Treasure No. 2. The Pagoda stone tower was constructed in April 1467. The tower is 12 meters high. The lower part of the tower is inscribed with patterns of dragons and lotus flowers. The middle part depicts a story and a journey from India. The upper part is inscribed with the tales of the former lives and the lifetime of Buddha. The body of the Pagoda shows a Buddhist ceremony and dragons. This Pagoda is made with marble which was rarely used at the time.

To preserve the Pagoda it is encased in a huge protective glass case.
National Treasure No. 2 is located in Tapgol park.

Opening Hours / Admission:
Open everyday year round from 06:00 – 20:00

Admission is free.

How to get to National Treasure No. 2:
Take line 1, 3 or 5 to Jongno 3 (sam)-ga station and leave exit 1. Head straight.
Take line 1 to Jonggak station and leave exit 3 and head straight.

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