Berlin Wall in Seoul

Berlin Wall Seoul Korea

Berlin Wall Seoul Korea

Korea, like Germany in the past is divided. Germany was divided from East to West and Korea is divided from North to South.

In 2004 the Seoul Metropolitan Government announced they would make an open plaza area near Cheonggyecheon river in Seoul. The Plaza would be later dubbed “Berlin Square“. In October, 2005 the plaza was opened.  The plaza has 3 divides from the Berlin wall. There are also Berlin street lights, benches from Berlin and German tress planted in this area. The Plaza was built with hopes of the reunification of Korea in the future and to improve relations between the two cities. The city of Berlin have financially supported the establishment of the square. People can stop by the Plaza anytime, relax and pray for the unification of Korea.

How to get to the Berlin Wall Seoul:
The Berlin Square is located along the Cheonggyecheon river adjacent to Samilgyo Bridge.
There are 3 stations nearby.
Line 1 Jonggak Station exit 5
Line 2 Euljiro 3(Sam)-ga Station exit 1
Line 3 Euljiro 3(Sam)-ga Station exit 3
Follow the map to Samilgyo bridge.

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