Times Square Shopping Mall Seoul

Times Square Seoul

Times Square Seoul

Times Square is a huge Shopping, Business and Cultural complex located in Seoul, Korea. Times Square Complex opened in 2009 and many buildings are broken up into offices, hotels, a hospital, Shinsegae Shopping centre, convention and wedding halls, a multiplex, shopping malls, CGV cinema and more. Times Square Seoul aims to be a modern trendy city within a city where people can visit and do everything in one area. Times Square has hundreds of shops to choose from and is very popular with young couples who go shopping or go on a date. There are over 20 major / high class brands located in Times Square and plenty of entertainment facilities. When building the complex a lot of green space and gardens were incorporated to give a feeling of tranquility while shopping right in the centre of busy Seoul.

Opening Hours:

Depends on the store but most open from 10:30 am to 22:00 pm.

How to get to Times Square Seoul:

Take line 1 to Yeongdeungpo station and follow the underground passage from the station which takes you directly there.

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