Busan UN Memorial Cemetery and Park

UN Park Busan

UN Park Busan

UN Memorial Cemetery and Parks cover a large area in Busan near Daeyeon Station. The Cemetery and Parks are dedicated to the soldiers from all around the world who sacrificed their lives during the Korean War. On June the 25th 1950, North Korea invaded South Korea and quickly gained control of most of the south. The United Nations intervened and sent troops from 16 different nations to help South Korea. Many of those troops alongside South Korean troops were killed in action.

The cemetery and park area is broken up into different sites. Every site is unique and has a different theme some of which include the UN Sculpture Park, the Peace Park, the Memorial Tower, the Cemetery and areas of remembrance for each nation that lost lives during the war.

The park is very nice to stroll around and reflect on the past and future or pay your respects to the fallen heroes. The whole area is very well kept and maintained.

Opening Hours:

The Peace Park is open 24 hours all year round.

The rest of the sites and cemetery are open:
Winter: 09:00 am – 17:00 pm
Summer: 09:00 am – 18:00 pm

 How to get to the UN Memorial Cemetery and Park in Busan:

Take line 2 to Daeyeon Station and leave exit 1. Take the first right and head straight for about 10 minutes. You will come to the UN Memorial Park beside Busan Museum.

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