Modo Sculpture Park & Full House Set

Modo Sculpture Park

Modo Sculpture Park

Modo Sculpture Park is located on Modo Island of Ongjin County which is just north of Incheon International Airport. The house from “Full House” the hit KBS Korean TV Drama is located on Shido Island beside Mado Island.

Modo Sculpture Park:

Modo Island is connected to Shido Island and Shindo Island by bridge. Modo Island is quite small with only several people residing there. The island is the perfect setting for a day trip away from the busy city and to relax on the quite beaches. Modo Sculpture Park is located in front of Baemikumi beach. The sculpture park was created by sculptor Lee Il-Ho, a famous Korean surrealist sculptor. He wanted a place where he could show his artworks and now has up to 30 art sculptures displayed in harmony with the beach and ocean. All the sculptures are very unique and people come here to take pictures of the art pieces and the ocean. The sculpture park was also one of the scene locations for the movie “Time” by Ki-duk Kim.

Full House Set at Shido Island:

Shido Island is the location for the KBS Drama “Full House” and “Sorrowful love song”. The house from “Full House” staring Yeong-jae and Ji-eun was built just for use in the drama. After the drama ended the house became a sightseeing spot for fans of the drama and was turned into a museum. The house was built just for the drama at a cost of 1 million us dollars. The house is set up with all the original features from the drama. The entrance fee is quite steep at 5,000 won. The museum is open from 07:00 – 18:00.

How to get to the Modo Sculpture Park & Full House Set:

Although located very near to Incheon International Airport, it can take a while to get to the Sculpture park / Full House. You need to get to Sammok Dock Ferry Terminal (삼목선착장) and take the ferry to Shindo Island. The ferry journey is about 10 minutes.

There are many ways to get to Sammok Dock. The easiest way is to get the train to Unseo Station (Arex Line) and head across the street to Lotte Mart. From there take bus 201 to Sammok Dock Ferry Terminal, the last stop. Then take the ferry heading to Shindo Island. The ferry departs every 10 minutes from 07:00 am – 18:10 pm and costs 3,000 won (free to get to Shindo Island and pay on the return journey). Outside Shindo Island ferry terminal there will be a bus that takes you to Mado Sculpture Park (last stop) / Full house. There is only one bus and it operates in line with the ferry so it should be there when you get off the ferry. The last bus of the day is 17:45 which will get you on the last ferry of the day. When you get off at the Modo Sculpture Park stop, the park is located nearby with directions in English. For Full House, get off at the Full house Stop and follow the signs in English.

The Modo Sculpture Park and Full House set are located on the map below.

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