Clothes Size in Korea

Clothes sizes in Korea for men and conversion charts to help you find the right fit. In Korea, clothes sizes are measured in centimeters. Generally for men in Korea it is almost one size fits all. If you happen to be on the larger size or tall you will find it difficult to find clothes that fit. Your best bet is to head into Itaewon and have a look around. Itaewon is an area in Seoul where lots of foreigners and foreign owned businesses are concentrated. You can find many clothes stores here that cater towards foreigners.

90 = XS
95 = S
100 = M
105 = L
110 = XL
115 = XXL

Men’s Clothing Sizes in Korea, US, UK, France, Italy and Japan.

korea 95 	100  	105 	110 S 	M 	L 	XL US 	S 	M 	L 	XL