Yeongneung / Nyeongneung Royal Tomb Gyeonggi-do

Yeongneung / Nyeongneung Royal Tomb

Yeongneung / Nyeongneung Royal Tomb

Yeongneung – Nyeongneung Royal Tombs has two tomb burial sites, Yeongneung and Nyeongneung. This tomb site is very popular as it holds the body of King Sejong the Great.

Yeongneung Royal Tomb: Yeongneung tomb is the joint tomb of King Sejong, the 4th King of the Joseon Dynasty and his wife, Queen Soheonwanghu. King Sejong was the most popular King of the Joseon Dynasty and Korea flourished under his rule. King Sejong was a great inventor and scientist. At Yeongneung Tomb you can find a Memorial Hall dedicated to King Sejong. If you happen to be in Seoul there is another King Sejong Memorial Hall worth visiting.

Nyeongneung Royal tomb: Nyeongneung tomb is a twin tomb where King Hyojong, 17th King of the Joseon Dynasty and Queen Inseonwanghu are buried. King Hyojong’s reign in power was only 10 years long but he was determined to help the people by reducing taxes, reforming the currency and developing the agriculture industry.

Opening Hours / Admission

March to October: 09:00 am -18:00 pm
November to February: 09:00 am – 17:00 pm
Closed on Mondays. Last admission is 1 hour before closing.


500 won for adults and 300 won for children.

How to get to Yeongneung / Nyeongneung Royal Tomb:

Go to Seoul Express bus terminal and get a bus to Yeoju Terminal (06:30-22:00 buses leave every 30~40 minutes and the journey takes 1 hour 10 minutes). From Yeoju Bus Terminal you can take a taxi (less than 5 minutes). The site name is 영릉.세종대왕릉 in Korean (Yeongneung).

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