Sinchon Railway Station Korea

Sinchon Railway Station

Sinchon Railway Station

Sinchon Rotary Railway Station is one of the oldest train stations in Korea. Sinchon station was the first stop after Seoul station as the train headed to North Korea, China and connections with Russia, Asia and Europe. Sinchon Railway station is on the Gyeongui Line which is still running from Seoul station to the DMZ area but it is hoped that someday it will run to North Korea and beyond again. The station is an old small building with a waiting area and ticket office and it is definitely worth a quick visit if you happen to be visit Yonsei University or Ewha Womans University.

How to get to Sinchon Railway Station:

Take the Gyeongui line from Seoul station and get off at the first stop or take line 2 to Sinchon station or Ewha Womans University.

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