Yonsei University Museum

Yonsei University Museum

Yonsei University Museum

The Yonsei University Museum at Yonsei University has a history dating back to 1924 when the museum began as a course focusing on pre-historic history. Donations were received and the museum expanded and grew over the years. A lot of the artifacts were destroyed or lost during the Korean War. In 1985 on the 100 year anniversary of the foundation of Yonsei University, a new museum building was planned and opened in 1988. This building is the current building of Yonsei Museum. The museum has permanent exhibition halls focusing on art, pre-historic history, animals and plants, Goryeo and Joseon dynasty and more.

Opening Hours / Admission

Monday – Friday 10:00 am – 17:00 pm. Closed on Weekends, Holidays and school vactions.



How to get to Yonsei University Museum:

Take line 2 to Sinchon station and leave exit 2 or 3 and head straight. Follow the map below. After you head in the main gate of Yonsei University the Museum is on the first building on your right.

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