Seoul Folk Flea Market

Seoul Folk Flea Market

Seoul Folk Flea Market

Seoul Folk Flea Market opened on April 26th, 2008. The flea market has an interesting history. It first began in 1950’s along the Cheonggyecheon Stream in central Seoul. The Government of Seoul decided to cover up the filthy river and make express roads through the area. The local street vendors weren’t happy and the government decided to let them continue selling at nearby Dongdaemun Baseball Stadium. This lasted until the late 2000’s when plans were made to demolish the stadium and build a Culture and History Park. It was decided that a new modern building would be built for the vendors to continue selling and that is how Seoul Folk Flea Market came to exist.

Seoul Folk Flea Market is located indoors in a state of the art building with some vendors setting up outside. There is also a section where foreigners  can sell their things before they leave Korea. To become a vendor for the day and get a table, call 02-6326-3366. At Seoul Folk Flea Market you can find a diverse range of items from electronics, books, paintings, clothes to antiques and toys. Basically, anything you need can be found at this market.

The market was built to preserve the culture of the traditional Korean marketplace. Many vendors complained that they were experiencing low sales and that not enough promotion was done. The local government began to improve all the roads and access in the area including new and larger parking lots. A tourist booth was set up inside the building.Cultural / artistic events and programmes were added including a studio were you can practice making your own folk items. Business began to pick up as more and more people came to experience the Seoul Folk Flea Market.

This market is worth a visit even if you are not interested in buying anything.  Everybody that visits the market will find something that catches their eyes. There are resturants located inside and food vendors on the streets surround the building. Generally, the prices are fixed and credit cards are accepted in most shops. There is also a gift shop available where you can find high-quality souvenirs at reasonable to low prices.

The market is once again after 40 years located nearby to Cheonggyecheon Stream, which has undergone an amazing transformation and is now a popular tourist spot in Seoul.

Opening Hours

10:00 am to 19:00 pm. Closed on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month.

How to get to Seoul Folk Flea Market:

Take line 1 or 2 to Sinseoldong Station and leave exit 9. Follow the map below.

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