Natural History Museum Ewha Womans University

Natural History Museum Ewha University

Natural History Museum Ewha University

The Natural History Museum at Ewha Womans University opened in 1969 and was Korea’s first natural history museum. The museum was renovated in 1997 and new advanced exhibition technologies were added. The museums teaches us about the natural history with information and collections of rocks, fossils, plants and animals from all around the world. A visit the the grounds of Ewha Womans University is recommended as there is plenty to see. Also don’t forget to stop by Ewha Womans University Museum which is free and has 1 National Treasure on display.

Opening Hours / Admission

10:00 am – 16:00 pm Monday to Saturday. Closed on Sunday’s, Holidays and Saturdays during school holidays e.g Jan, Feb, July and August.



How to get to the Natural History Museum at Ewha:

Take line to Ewha Womans University station and leave exit 2 or 3 and continue walking straight until you reach the university.

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