Jungang Park Busan

Jungang Park Busan

Jungang Park Busan

Jungang Park Busan is located in the centre of Busan beside Minju Park. The park which is sometimes referred to as Daecheong Park was designated a public park in 1970 and construction of the park completed in 1982. Jungang Park is elevated on a mountain 197m above sea level. This was the perfect spot for a tower called Chunghon Tower that is is 70 metres high. The tower can be seen around most of the Busan Metropolis. The tower is dedicated to the loyal policeman and military personnel of Busan who fought and died for their independence. At the bottom of the tower you will find the names of all those who died.

Jungang Park is elevated so it gives great views of the surrounding city and it can be a great place for a picnic or to relax. If you are interested in hiking there is a hiking trail that follows the mountain. There is also a flower garden and plenty of sporting facilities available.

Opening Hours:

Open 24 hours a day all year round.

How to get to Jungang Park in Busan:

Take bus 38 or 43 from Busan station and get off at 중앙공원 민주공원입구 (Jungang Park / Minju Park Entrance). Other buses that stop in this area are 86 and  186.

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