Aquarium Coex Mall Seoul

coex aquarium

Coex Aquarium Underwater Tunnel

Coex Aquarium in Seoul is an aquarium in Coex Shopping Centre. The Aquarium follows a theme called “Journey of Water”. The theme follows marine life from the mountains, rivers to the depths of the sea. Coex Aquarium has 3,000 tons of water and 40,000 marine wildlife of 650 species.

There are 12 different sections at Coex Aquarium.

1. Our Land, Our fish
2. Fish’s Wonderland
3. Amazonian World
4. Kid’s Aquarium
5. Mangrove and Beach
6. The Seven Seas
7. Ocean Kingdom
8. Marine Mammal zone
9. Marine Touch
10. Underwater Tunnel
11. Deep blue Square
12. Deep blue Sea

There are daily feeds of the fish and they usually take place at 1pm – 4pm everyday. This is very exciting for the children and they are usually gathering around taking photos. For more photos and feeding times check out

Opening Hours / Admission:

Open 365 days a year
10:00 am – 20:00 pm. Last entry to the Aquarium is 19:00 pm


Adults: 17,500 won
Teens: 14,500 won
Children: 11,000 won

How to get to Coex Aquarium Seoul:

Take line 2 to Samsung station and leave exit 5 or 6. The subway station is connected directly to COEX Mall where the Aquarium is located.

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