Seokchon Dong Tombs

Seokchon-dong Early Baekje Stone Tombs

Seokchon-dong Early Baekje Stone Tombs

The Seokchon-dong tombs are tombs from the early Baekje Kingdom (18 B.C .- 660 A.D.). The Early Baekje Stone Mound Tombs in Seokchon were registered  Historic Site No. 243 on May 27, 1975. The name Seokchon means stone village in Korean. In the early 20th Century and with the urban sprawl and need for land in Seoul, a lot of the tombs were destroyed or built over. Only 2 stones remained at the time of the 1974 investigation. In 1985 the area was designated as a Cultural Preservation Zone and two more tombs were excavated. There are estimated to be about 90 stone tombs or stone mounds around the village of Seokchon. At the site of Seokchondong Tombs, there are 6 tombs mounds. The tomb site offers valuable information concerning burial customs of the Baekje Era as well as the cultural, political and social life in the ancient kingdom.

Opening Hours / Admission

05:00 am to 24:00



How to get to Seokchon-dong Tombs:

Take line 8 to Seokchon station and leave exit 6. Head straight and Seokchondong Tombs will be in front of you.

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