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Busan Bus

Busan Bus

Busan has a very extensive bus transportation system. With a population of over 4 million people and a subway system with 5 lines, buses come in very handy for those hard to get to areas or from your house to the subway station.

There are 3 types of buses in Busan:

1. Local / City Buses – used everyday by people travelling to work or from there house to the subway station or around the city.
2. Inter-city Buses – These buses connect the different cities in Korea.
3. Airport Buses – From the airport to areas around Busan.

This guide is focusing on the local buses that you will more than likely use while sightseeing in Busan.

There are many types of buses available to use in Busan city such as the regular bus, local neighborhood bus, late night bus and more.

As of 2010 Busan City has been providing the local bus routes in foreign languages. For now this covers mostly tourists areas but will hopefully expand to all bus stops over the coming years. The buses in Busan are very convenient but due to the lack of English available it is better to use a taxi or the subway.

If you can read Korean check out the official Busan Bus page to find out about all the routes and bus stop locations. http://www.busanbus.or.kr/

How much is the Bus in Busan?

The local buses in Busan are a standard fee of 1,200 won. If you use a smart card you get a discount of 10%.

How do I use the bus in Busan?

First of all, find out which bus you will be taking. Wait at the bus stop until the bus arrives. The bus stop always has a bus symbol on at the top of the post or shelter. Buses will stop at the bus stop if people are waiting there. You must enter the bus at the front. After entering put 1,200 won cash into the machine or use your smart card and swipe it over the machine.

When you hear the name of your stop press the stop button on the side of the bus and the driver will stop at the next stop. When leaving, you must use the exit in the middle of the bus. If you paid cash you can just leave the bus. If you used your smart card you must swipe it again before your leave. The smart card machine will be beside the exit.