Changpowon Park

Changpowon Park Entrance

Changpowon Park is also know as Seoul Iris Garden, opened on June 7th, 2009. The park covers an area of 52,417㎡ and was a wasteland area before the park was developed and opened. The name of the park, Seoul Iris Garden comes from the fact that there are more than 130 species of the Iris Plant making up a total of 300,000 Iris Plants.

After entering the main entrance of the park you will notice the visitor’s centre building to the left. Here you can find out information about the development of the park and the many kinds of plants and trees that are in Seoul Iris Garden. After the visitors centre you can start to explore the park. The park has 12 themes. Each theme has different plants, flowers and trees. The main themes are the Iris Garden and the Medicinal Botanical Garden. The Medicinal Botanical Garden has flowers and plants that were used to treat diseases.

Each theme in the park has a sign beside it with pictures and information about the trees, plants and flowers that make that theme special.

How to get to Seoul Iris Garden:

Take line 1 or 7 to Dobongsan Station and leave exit 2.

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