Museum of Konkuk University Seoul

Museum of Konkuk University Seoul

Museum of Konkuk University Seoul

This museum is located at Konkuk University in Gwangjin, Seoul. The Museum opened in March, 1963 to house university’s collection of objects with historical and cultural importance. The museum has grown quite a bit of the years and now holds over 5,000 objects covering centuries of Korean history which give us insight into Korean are, history and culture. One of the notable artifacts is Dongguk Jeongun an old book that was printed at the request of King Sejong. It is listed as one of the National Treasures of South Korea. Nearby to the museum you can find Jeong Jae-mun family house which shows a different style house built in the late Joseon dynasty and Japanese colony period.

Opening Hours / Admission

Open from 11:00 am to 16:00 pm Tuesday to Friday. Closed on weekends and holidays.


Free to all.

How to get to the Konkuk University Museum:

Take line 2 or 7 to Konkuk University station and leave exit 4. The university is right beside the station. Look at the map to see the museum building.

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