Lotte World Seoul

Lotte World Seoul

Lotte World Seoul

Lotte World is a huge multi-purpose complex located in Seoul that opened in 1989. Lotte World Complex includes a huge theme park, department stores, shopping malls, a folk museum, a hotel, cinemas, restaurants and many more things. Lotte World is broken up into two sections. The indoor area and the outdoor theme park, Magic Island.

The indoor area has plenty of things to do and is the world’s largest indoor theme park. In the centre there is an all year round ice skating rink that is surround by different rides and attractions that add up to over 20 rides. Festivals are held all year round with themes such as Christmas, Halloween, Rio Samba Carnival and many more which can be enjoyed without having to worry about the weather. Adventure Land is a section that is broken up into countries. Each country has shops, games, activities and food. On the 3rd floor there is a folk museum which shows Korea’s long history through pictures, models, artifacts and more. On the second floor you can take the the elevated walkway which gives you access to Magic Island.

Magic Island is an outdoor theme park at Lotte World. The island is an artificial island located in Seokchon Lake. The first thing people notice is the huge castle that’s quite similar to the Disney Land castle. Magic Island has 17 different rides including a lot of thrilling rides such as the Gyro Vertical Drop, Atlantis Adventure Roller Coaster and lots more.

Other popular attractions at Lotte World is the shooting range. People also enjoy spending time walking around the lake area or having picnics.

For more info visit the official Lotte World Website.

Opening Hours / Admission:

Open 365 days a year.
Monday – Thursday: 09:30 am – 22:00 pm
Friday – Sunday: 09:30 am – 23:00 pm


All day pass (called passport): 38,000 won. You still must pay for some attractions. After 4pm the price becomes 31,000 won.
General admission: 26,000 won. After 4pm price becomes 22,000 won.

How to get to Lotte World Seoul:

Take line 2 to Jamsil stadium and leave exit 4. Lotte World will be right in front of you.

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