Children’s Grand Park

Children's Grand Park Seoul

Children's Grand Park Seoul

Children’s Grand Park is a family oriented theme park located in the west of Seoul. The park was opened on May 5th, 1973, celebrating Children’s Day. The area of the theme park is quite large. Children’s Grand Park has a wide range of activities and events for Children. The main attractions at Children’s Grand Park is the zoo, amusement park and animal riding.

Children’s Grand Park was reopened May 5th, 2009 after undergoing extensive renovations. Admission to the Children’s Grand Park is free for all. Attractions at the park include a musical fountain, outdoor concert area, different types of gardens including botanical gardens and an environment pond. There are some different learning areas where children can learn about animals and other things. The zoo area is always popular with children and adults. You can see elephants doing tricks, tigers, snakes, birds and many more exciting animals. For children who like to get up close and personal there is a small animal area where you can pet animals. The sea animal hall is home to polar bears, seals and otters. There is also an aquarium and parrot village.

A lot of attractions are free in this park and it can be a great place to visit all year round. Children’s Grand Park also has other facilities available like most parks. They include basketball and tennis courts, a soccer field, a track and field, various exercise equipment and plenty of green areas and places to have picnics.

Opening Hours / Admission

It is open from 05:00 am to 22:00 pm. The zoo, botanical gardens and a few other attractions close at 18:00 pm


Entrance to Children’s Grand Park is free for all. Most of the attractions have a small fee.

How to get to Children’s Grand Park:

Take line 7 to Children’s Grand Park station and leave exit 1. The park is right in front of the station. This is the main entrance.
Alternatively, take line 5 to Achasan station and leave exit 4. This will take you to the rear entrance of Children’s Grand Park.

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