Boramae Park Seoul

Boramae Park Seoul

Boramae Park Seoul

Boramae Park is located in Southern Seoul and opened in 1986. Boaramae Park means “Hawk” in Korea which is a reference to the the Korean Airfield that was once located on the site of the park. In the park there is an outdoor air museum displaying 8 Korean fighter jets with information. Boramae Park is quite large and a full day can easily be spent here enjoying the sights. One of the main features of the park is the large pond and musical fountain / light show. The musical fountain show lasts up to one hour and the exciting thing about the show is that you can pay 1,000 won and have a song of your choosing play while the fountain show is on. The fountain show is only on during the summer. There is also an X- game court where children and teenagers often skateboard and roller blade. Other facilities include a small zoo, climbing wall, swimming pool, multi purpose sports facilities, basketball courts, picnic sites, youth centre and a barefoot path. In spring there is also a popular cherry blossom walkway.

Boramae Park has a lot to offer everyone and is definitely worth a visit.

Opening Hours / Admission

The park is open 24 hours a day all year round.



How to get to Boramae Park Seoul:

Take line 2 to Sindaebang station and leave exit 4 and follow the map below. It is a short walk away.

Alternatively, take line 7 to Boramae station and leave exit 2 or 3 and head straight.

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