Mike’s Cabin Sinchon

Mike's Cabin

Mike's Cabin Entrance

Mike’s Cabin in Sinchon, Seoul is a popular western bar / club. It is located not too far from Sinchon station. On weeknights and weekends you can find many foreigners and Koreans at Mike’s Cabin having fun. They host a lot of parties and have a live DJ. Also they have a darts board, foosball table and even beer bong. A pitcher of beer is 10,000 won and seems to be the favourite among customers. Another treat is the microwave popcorn that they sell for 3,000 won. Other events are held at Mike’s Cabin and usually they start early in the evening before it gets too wild and loud. One of the popular events is the wall painting event. Huge sheets of white paper are stuck to the wall and it gives artists or anybody who wants to have fun a chance to express their creativity or just draw some cool pictures.

How to get to Mike’s Cabin in Sinchon:
Take line 2 to sinchon station and leave exit 2. Head straight until you arrive at a big church and make a left. Keep heading straight until you see Mike’s Cabin on the left.

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