Dapsimni Antique Market

dapsimni antique market seoul

Dapsimni Antique Market Seoul

Dapsimni Antique Shopping Mall is an area around Dapsimni station that specializes in antiques. The antique shops are located in many buildings in the area but nearly all of them are concentrated into 3 buildings called 2-Dong Town, 5-Dong Town and 6-Dong Town. Here you can pick up antique and vintage items. Outside the stores you can see larger items like furniture, tables etc. Like other markets, Dapsimni has a lot to offer. While strolling around the shopping mall many interesting items can be found. Prices can vary anywhere from 1,000 won to millions of won. The antiques are mainly from South Korea, North Korea, China or Japan but items from all around the world can be found. There are more than 150 antique stores in the area located around Dapsimni station with more than 300,000 items for sale.

Opening Hours

10:00 am – 19:00 pm. Closed on Sundays.

How to get to Dapsimni Antique Shopping Market:

Take line 5 to Dapsimni Station and leave exit 1 or 2. Main Mall is located in 3 buildings just off the main street. I have marked the 3 buildings on the map below.

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