Sayuksinmyo Tombs Park Seoul

Sayuksinmyo Tomb and Park Seoul

Sayuksinmyo Tomb and Park Seoul

Sayuksinmyo in Seoul is known as “The Tombs of the 6 Martyred Ministers” in English. Sayukshin Park and Tombs area located on Noryangjin Hill. This area holds the tomb of 6 Ministers who were loyal to King Danjong, a park and memorial area. King Danjong was overthrown when he was 12 and later murdered by King Sejo. The Ministers stayed loyal to King Dajong and sought to restore him to power as the King. They made a plan to assassinate King Sejo but the their plan was uncovered by a spy. The 6 Ministers were put to death and became Martyrs. Also another 70 people including family members of the Martyrs were executed. This happened in the mid 15th century and over the years, the area around their tombs has been improved and monuments and statues added.

The area around the tombs which includes, Sayuksin Park which is located on top of Noryangjin Hill and offers great views of Seoul City, Hangang River and the 63 Building.

If you want to find out more about the 6 Martyrs you should watch “Six Martyred Ministers”. This is a Korean Drama that was released in 2007. The drama was made jointly by KBS¬† (South Korea) and KCT (North Korea).

Opening Hours / Admission

Open 24 hours.



How to get to Sayuksinmyo Tombs and Park Seoul:

Take line 1 or 9 to Noryangjin station or line 9 to Nodeul station and with all stations leave exit 1 and head straight. The park and tombs should be less than a 5 minutes walk away.

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