Manguri Park Seoul Manguri Public Cemetery

Manguri Park Seoul

Manguri Park Seoul

Manguri Park in Jangnang, Seoul is the only public cemetery in Seoul. The whole site which contains 28,500 grave sites stop accepting new graves on March 23rd, 1973. Since then it became a public park called Maguri Park. The park is located right on the border of Seoul and Gyeonggi-do. In recent times the park has become more popular due to the number of celebrities or historical figures buried there. Some of the people who fought against the Japanese occupation and signed the Korean Declaration of Independence are buried here. Around Manguri Park you can find the usual walking trails, sports facilities and areas to rest. Another great addition to the park were some statues  / monuments and information about some of the historical figures who are buried there.

Opening Hours / Admission

Open 24 hours all year round.



How to get to Manguri Park / Manguri Cemetery Seoul:

Take the Jungang line to Mangu station and leave exit 1 and follow the map below.

Alternatively, take the Jungang line to Yangwon station, leave exit 2 and follow the map below.

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