Seoul Forest Park

Seoul Forest Park

Seoul Forest Park

Seoul Forest Park was opened in June 2005. The park has a long and diverse history over the years. A water purification plant was established here in 1908 to provide water for the royal family and citizens. Another area of the park was turned into an industrial area in the 1950’s. Seoul Horse Race Track, a golf course and a sports park were built here. In the early 2000’s the area was developed into a park.

Seoul forest Park is quite large and made into 5 park zones. There are the Cultural Art Park, Ecological Forest, Nature Experience area, Marshland Ecological Field and Hangang Riverside Park. Throughout the whole park there are a whole range of facilities to enjoy.

Cultural Art Park: As you can guess from the name, this part of the park celebrates art. There are sculptures around this area of horses to commemorate the horse track that used to be located on this site. There is an outdoor theatre and a book cart. Here you can rent books for the day and read them in the park. Also located are two playgrounds, one for disabled children.

Ecological Forest: This area of the park is filled with trees and plants. This area is a natural habitat and is home to animals such as deer, ducks and rabbits. There is also a visitors centre where you can learn about the local wildlife and you can even feed the deer in a special weekly event.

Nature Experience Area: This area was made from old materials and the buildings left behind from the Water purification plant. There is an insect study building which was once part of the factory. Here visitors are offered an opportunity to see various garden insects including butterflies along with foliage and tropical plants. There is also an exhibition area. In other areas on this zone, you can enjoy an observation deck with great views of the Hangang river.

Marshland Ecological Field: This area was originally the factory’s water purification area and the new park has used what was left behind to create a wetland area that is perfect for bird watching. Close by there is a playground and an area dedicated to teaching young children about the environment and making them aware of it’s importance.

Hangang Riverside Park: This park is located beside Hangang River and from here it is possible to take a boat ride to other areas around the Hangang river such as Jamsil Park, Yeouido Island etc. For those hot summer months there are some water sports available e.g wind surfing, water skiing and speed boat rides.

Opening Hours / Admission

Seoul Forest Park is open 24 hours a day. The Ecological Forest is the only area that closes. Open from 7:00 am to 20:00 pm in Summer and from 08:00 am to 18:00 pm in Winter.



How to get to Seoul Forest Park:

Take line 2 to Ttukseom station and leave exit 8. Follow the map below.

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