Poksojung All you can drink Makkoli


If you are in the mood for a great cheap night out, head to Poseokjeong (포석정) in Sinchon.
Here you can drink all the Makgeolli you want for 3 hours and it only cost 4,000 won. Of course you have to order food as well. All the dishes are reasonably priced, about 10,000won. Two of my friends and I went there for 3 hours, drank all the Makgeolli we wanted and ate many dishes for 40,000won total.

This restaurant is very popular with the university students and Japanese people. Sinchon is the University area of Seoul with many big universities nearby. All you can drink for such a low price will keep the nearby students coming. This restaurant has been on TV many times in Japan as a restaurant to visit while traveling to Korea. On the night I went about 80% of the customers were Japanese.

The inside of the restaurant is very relaxing. You have a variety of seating options. You can sit at a regular table, the bar or the low table in the centre with a river of Makgeolli flowing in it. This is where you sit for the all you can drink Makkoli. They have some plastic bowls on the table and you lift up the bowls and scoop the Makkoli into your cup. It’s all very fun and there is no waiting on the staff to bring more Makgeolli. So you have more time to enjoy the Makgeolli.

Opening hours:

Open every day from 16:30 to 01:00am
Closed the last Sunday of every month

How to get Poksojung:
Take line 2 to Sinchon Station leave exit number 2. Head straight until you come to a big church and turn left. Walk straight for 80 meters and it’s on your left.

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